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Tibetan Quest Beyond the Worlds End Collectors

Your niece Larisa set out on an excavation deep in the mountains of Tibet. However, you receive a letter with information about her disappearance. In the search for Larisa you travel across the world only to discover that things are not as they seem and something unnatural may be lurking in the labyrinth that is the temple of Shangri-La. Solve mysteries and face an enemy who will do anything to stop you on your journey through Tibetan Quest: Beyond Worlds End.

    Reignite the adventure through the wilds of Tibet in the bonus chapter.
    Replayable puzzles and Hidden Object Scenes.
    Enjoy wallpapers, soundtracks, and other extras.
    Get help with the integrated Strategy Guide.


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Witches Legacy The Dark Throne Collectors

What should have been a day of celebration turns into a nightmare as good witch Lynn is possessed by a strange evil force! As her witch hunter-turned-husband, you must follow Lynn into the Other World and defeat whatever has a hold on her. EleFun brings you a story rich with family history and witches' lore in this thrilling continuation of the popular Witches' Legacy series. You’ll love your impish helper as much as the innovative hidden-object games and puzzles

    Free Carrie and Lynn from the dark spell!
    Find morphing objects and other collectibles.
    Extras include music, art, wallpaper, and screensavers.
    Collect puzzle pieces to unlock more stories!
    Help Edward and Lynn keep Morgana’s creatures out of the human world, and purify the Well of Truth.

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Spirit of Revenge Elizabeths Secret Collectors

This time, you’ll have to follow a maze of palace intrigue to root out the truth. Play as a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth the First’s court, with none other than the mischievous Francis Drake as your sidekick! But this game’s not just for history buffs. Bring your sense of humor and quest for adventure on this fun trip into the Elizabethan past!

    Collect words and phrases to create a gallery of poetry!
    Find morphing objects to recharge your hint!
    Enjoy wallpapers, soundtracks, and other extras!
    See the Vendel Games' developers... as concept sketches!
    Solve a new challenge as a rogue pirate in the Bonus Game!


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Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring Collectors

Years ago, Minah Castle was attacked, and your parents, the King and Queen, became victims of a strange shadowy figure. You were saved by a kind woman, and you’ve lived peacefully in exile all these years. But a new threat is facing the kingdom, and as rightful heir to the throne and wearer of the ruby ring, you’re the only one who can stop it. Take down the imposter king, discover the fate of your parents, and reclaim your birthright in this beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Minah faces a strange new threat in the bonus game!
    Get music, concept art and more!
    Replay hidden-objects puzzles and mini-games
    Use the available Strategy Guide

Thanks to Velocity


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Grim Facade: Hidden Sins Collectors

A masked vigilante calling himself the Avenger has the town of Coldstone in a death grip of fear, and you’re called in by the mayor to investigate. His wife’s been kidnapped, and there’s a blacklist of potential targets for the Avenger’s wrath. Can you stop him before he strikes again, or will you be crossing another name off the list? Special Achievements, a humorous alley cat, and hidden masks you can collect throughout the game make this one a winner!

    Play the bonus game to learn about the Avenger’s past!
    Collect masks hidden throughout the game!
    Earn special Achievements!
    Access the helpful Strategy Guide.
    Enjoy soundtracks, wallpapers, concept art, and more!


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Labyrinths of the World: Forbidden Muse Collectors

For centuries, the noble muse Calliope has blessed all kinds of artists who have traveled to her city and asked her for inspiration. Today the city is famous for artists and attracts people from all over the world. But when a dark force tears Calliope’s essence into three parts, you must step in and gather them back together, before the whole world loses its creativity. Calliope’s essence has fled into art buildings and sealed itself away and anyone trapped inside. But beware, someone is watching from the shadows and they are coveting Calliope’s powers for their own dark desires.

    Uncover the mystery behind an ancient evil force!
    Find hidden olives to customize your menu bar!
    Collect coins to furnish your personal wardrobe.
    Includes a comprehensive Strategy Guide.
    Achievements, Harlequin’s Costume Gallery, Soundtrack, and much more!


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Danse Macabre: Thin Ice Collectors

Ruth Fisher is the up-and-coming star of a popular figure skating show, but her final dress rehearsal is cancelled after her biggest fan drops dead. He was trying to warn Ruth, but about what? Who would want to kill a fan? Is Ruth really in danger? You’ll need to use all of your deductive skills to investigate the scenes and uncover the true threat, before Ruth Fisher’s opening night becomes her final performance in this chilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Explore a winter wonderland of figure skating and murder!
    Find lots of hidden collectibles and earn achievements.
    Experience the Art Gallery, Soundtrack, and Endless Match-3.
    Solve a kidnapping in the exciting bonus chapter!


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