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Haunted Hotel: Eternity Collectors

It was supposed to be an easy assignment: protect a famous philanthropist and earn $100,000. What could be easier? No one would want to hurt a bumbling professor. Apparently, someone does. They want him dead, and they're willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Trapped inside an abandoned hotel filled with deadly puzzles, can you survive and save the professor? Or will the Eternity Hotel become your final resting place? Outwit the masked mastermind running this hotel and uncover the dark secrets the professor has been hiding from the world. Who will you side with? Find out in this heart-pounding thriller!

    Art Gallery and Full Soundtrack
    Collectible masks and a secret room!
    Achievements and Puzzle Collection
    Bonus chapter with the secrets of the Eternity Project!


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Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collectors

Your father’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. Now only the fabled Rose of Life can cure him, but it grows only in a kingdom far from your home. And you aren’t the only one after it. The powerful witch Claudine craves its rejuvenating powers, and has stolen it from a prince, cursing his kingdom. She’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s the only one who can use the Rose. Team up with the prince and work together to stop Claudine. Your father’s life, and the lives of the prince and his subjects, hangs in the balance.

    Free Jonathan and his servants from Claudine’s beastly curse.
    Collect butterflies, portraits, and magical objects hidden throughout the game.
    Earn achievement awards for your excellent game play!
    Remember your journey with extras: music, concept art, wallpapers, and screensavers.
    Undo the curse placed on Princess Narcissi during the bonus chapter!


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Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection Collectors

After surviving a supernatural experience as a child, you have dedicated your life to solving similar cases and tracking down ominous objects all over the world. This time, you and your trusty sidekick, Mr. Jenkins, have been called to the house of Lilith Armstrong to investigate strange activity. But when you arrive, Lilith is nowhere to be found, and the entire house seems to have come alive! The events all seem to be tied to a rare mirror Lilith recently purchased at an auction… Can you find out what happened to your client and uncover the secrets of this latest ominous object before it’s too late? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle

    Stop a nefarious villain in the bonus game
    Collect special coins and spend them on your feline pal
    Play a special kitty bonus game in the Cat Room
    Wallpapers, screensavers, and behind-the-scenes features!
    Comprehensive Strategy Guide

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Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation Collectors

It was just supposed to be a routine mission. Fly in, drop supplies, and fly out. But when a dragon attacks your plane, crash-landing in a lush valley, you're drawn into the adventure of a lifetime! This ancient valley is filled with living, breathing dragons - guardians of nature who protect the weak. But when one of their own becomes possessed by their ultimate foe, it's up to you to restore order. Can you defeat the Dragon King's mighty terracotta army, or will the world be destroyed once more, just like it was centuries ago?

    Collectibles, achievements, and more extras
    Tired of hidden objects? Try Mahjong Mode
    Replay your favorite mini-games
    Face a new enemy in the bonus chapter


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Queens Tales: Sins of the Past Collectors

For many years, a war has raged between your father’s kingdom and that of the Elven King, but now the tide has suddenly turned, and your father has been imprisoned! What’s worse, the Elven King now wants you to be his bride! Time is running out before your wedding. Can you escape the Elven King and free your father? But don’t be too quick to judge, for at the heart of this war lies a dark secret, one that is buried deep within your own past. You must unravel this mystery and unmask the true villain, before it is too late!

    Help the Mage in the bonus game!
    View your achievements and collections!
    Get soundtracks, screensavers, and concept art
    Use the available Strategy Guide


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Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Collectors

You’re in the midst of final wedding preparations when your husband-to-be gets caught up in what looks like a murder plot! Is he guilty of betrayal – or even worse? From Mad Head comes the anticipated second game in the Cadenza series! This game features African-American main characters, an impressive soundtrack designed by a composer/game designer, interactive HOPs, and more.

    Has the Black Widow truly been stopped? Only the bonus game will tell!
    Get the great jazz soundtrack, screensavers, and concept art
    Replay the mini-games as often as you like
    Check out the comprehensive Strategy Guide


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Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage Collectors

In this ghostly continuation of the Fear for Sale series, you've discovered that a luxury ocean liner bears an eerie resemblance to a ship of the same name that vanished years ago. Can you survive its next voyage?This Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game features special in-scene HOPs and morphing objects in addition to the standard HOPs players know and love.

    Play the bonus game to break the curse
    Earn achievements and play mini-games
    Exclusive concept art, soundtracks and wallpapers
    Access the Strategy Guide

Thanks to Velocity


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