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Weather Lord Royal Holidays Collectors

Play as the hero and the villain as you compel the elements to do your bidding! Control the sun, the rain, the wind and more as you travel across your kingdom helping people in need and restoring daylight. You'll need to work quickly and manage your resources well to earn the best rewards as you undertake the epic journey. After completing the main quest as the hero, you can then take on the role of the demon, who wants to bring on eternal night.The hours of addictive and thrilling gameplay are just part of the fun you'll have with the Collector's Edition of Weather Lord: Royal Holidays. From finding hidden puzzle pieces, to enjoying downloadable music and wallpapers, to discovering all of the game's secrets via the in-depth strategy guide, you'll spend hours pouring over the extras. With its humor-filled storylines, vibrant and charming visuals, and easy-to-learn gameplay, Weather Lord: Royal Holidays is the perfect "staycation!"


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12 Labours of Hercules 6 - Race for Olympus Collectors

This time, Hercules and Megara are involved in the detective story. Alarm at Olympus is showing the absence of Zeus, who rarely left the peak. A few clues reveal the fact that Zeus has been abducted.Hercules and Megara begin the investigation. The snowy peaks are cold as hell, so the first thing will be to get dressed according to season.The game introduces new landscapes, underwater levels, ice skating workers, volcano, funny puzzles, and many more.
-  Stunning full HD graphics
-  5 Bonus levels + 1 Superbonus level
-  Volcano, winter, tropical, and underwater levels
-  Unique challenges for skilled players
-  Outstanding detective story based on ancient myths
-  Day/night change
-  Freeze a lake to make your workers ice skate


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Adelantado 4: Aztec Skulls

The Queen once again calls upon Don Diego de León to fulfil an important mission. He must organize an expedition to the New Land and appoint its leader to expand the discovered territories and replenish the treasury with gold. Don Felipe de Silva becomes the Governor. Upon arrival, the expedition meets friendly-minded locals who tell them about their troubles. Evil priests are trying to summon a demon to subdue all known territories. Spaniards decide to help the Indians. To do this, they need to find 4 skulls that can cast a protective spell. Master Miguel Sanchez is chosen for this serious mission. Play “Adelantado. Four Aztec Skulls” to help him explore new territories, collect gold, and protect the locals.
Four colorful episodes, plus a bonus level for experts.
Captivating storyline.
Search for secrets.
Dynamic gameplay.


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Delicious Emilys Message in a Bottle Platinum

Discover a message in a bottle that changes Emily's life forever, while cooking divine dishes in Italian kitchens! Now that Paige has fully recovered from her fever, life has settled down again in Snuggford. That is until, the entire Napoli family hears that Emily's missing "Grappa", Vitto, is still alive and might be in Italy! Emily's father, Edward, is overwhelmed by the news. He and his four brothers haven't seen their father, or each other, in years. Reuniting them is going to be quite a challenge...  Will Emily succeed in bringing everybody together at the big family dinner?
-  Run 8 Italian restaurants with Emily!
-  Cook over 200 authentic Italian dishes!
-  Collect 14 special trophies with messages from real fans of Delicious!
-  Send out invitations to everyone!


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Chase for Adventure: The Lost City

Young archaeologist, Anna Windsdoe, learns that her missing father - one of the greatest explorers, was looking for a secret city.  Determined to find her father, Anna breaks into adventures, meets wonderful friends and terrible enemies, overcomes impossible obstacles and makes an incredible discovery!Join Anna on her epic adventure as she searches for her father!
-  Improbable archaeological discovery!
-  Exciting and epic storyline
-  Encounter the help of various characters
-  45 unique levels that will challenge you


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Elven Legend 3: The New Menace Collectors

The young queen Aerin saved the kingdom twice already.
But now the elven kingdom is threatened by new danger: the Duke von Gross from the western land wants to take the kingdom of elves and enslave them.
Will Aerin be able to rescue the kingdom this time?
    10 exciting bonus levels!
    Complete walkthrough for each level of the game.
    Beautiful wallpapers and Concept-Art
    Interesting encyclopedia of creatures and collectable items!


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Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call Collectors

Guide Dracula on a madcap quest to find out who's zombifying the masses through their cell phones! Just as the notorious count is settling into his role as a family man, a mysterious epidemic strikes the land - people everywhere are falling under a strange spell delivered through their phones! As Dracula searches for the scoundrel behind this dastardly deed, players must rebuild ransacked villages, collect the resources they need for performing challenging tasks, and overcome awesome obstacles before time runs out. Players who make good use of the bonuses they acquire stand to unlock dozens of unique
The Collector's Edition of Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call contains enough bonus content to fill a dozen coffins! In addition to 15 all-new levels, players get a step-by-step strategy guide, desktop wallpapers, a downloadable soundtrack, collectible stickers, concept art, and recipes for Mummy Dogs, Green Grog, and other frightening fare players can actually prepare and enjoy! There are even a few secrets to uncover for those who like an extra challenge.
With dozens of thrilling levels, ghoulishly good visuals, and a hilarious family-friendly storyline, Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call – Collector's Edition will mesmerize players for hours on end. Will you answer the call to adventure?


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