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Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collectors

After their splendid wedding Jill and Mike are widely recognized gardening superstars. When they are approached by the TV network to do a reality show about their work, they do not hesitate and jump right into it. It seems like a great opportunity for the couple, as they are expecting a baby! However, a career in television might not be as pleasant as it may seem... and certainly more dangerous.
    10 additional levels!
    Brand new achievements, pushing your gardening skills to the maximum!
    A set of beautiful wallpapers!
    Integrated Strategy Guide for all your advanced strategy needs!


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12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas Collectors

The peaceful living of Hercules and Megara is interrupted by mighty god of war, Ares. He asks Hercules to help him conquer the world by leading the great army.
As soon as Hercules declines, Ares finds a way to avenge. By using enchanted toys, he zombifies the kids of Hellas so they will follow the god's commands and become his warriors!
With your help, Hercules must return the kids home, blow up the factory that produces the evil toys, and lead a strategic operation to destroy Ares' command transmitter in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas!

    Meet Codrus the woodcutter and giant golems
    Included strategy guide reveals tips and tricks
    Atmospheric wallpapers and 50+ levels of new adventure
    An extra bonus episode with its own story

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My Island Kingdom

The King and Kingdom are being attacked by a nefarious villain. Find the ingredients for a magic potion to save the King, rebuild the Kingdom and become the hero!
Puzzles are move-based, so plan ahead! Get comfortable with the tasks at hand to upgrade your character and be the most successful hero! Use magic spells and special skills to blaze your way through the lands, fixing everything in your path. The Kingdom is in demise and ruin and it's up to you to plot and plant your strategies firmly in order to stop a cruel fate!

    Solve tons of strategic puzzles
    Combine special spells & skills
    Upgrade your character
    Save the Kingdom & be the hero!

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3D race puzzle game.

Spheritis is a 3D race puzzle game where the player controls a ball
which properties and special abilities can be changed.
Explore the levels and find ways to pass the traps to reach the exit.

- 17 campaign levels.
- 4 difficulties and one unlockable extra game mode.
- 8 ball types.
- 7 special abilities.

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Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree

Returning from a far-off land, princess Aerin comes home to find her kingdom in ruins. The citizens are terrified, monsters have invaded the streets, houses have been destroyed and worst of all, the roots of the tree of life have been bewitched! Nature itself has risen against the Elven Kingdom! Accompany Aerin as she travles through the chaotic lands of the kingdom, befriending wonderful creatures and battling frightening monsters. Help Aerin discover the trugh behind this destruction and fight the evil that caused it!

-Travel to 5 different locations
-An exciting, immersive story set in a wonderful fantasy world
-40 unique, challenging levels
-Build and restore the capital of your kingdom


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Gnomes Garden 2

The wicked queen of the trolls has returned from banishment! Using her evil magic, she has kidnapped the princess of the gnomes and taken her to a distant kingdom. In those lands, none know of the power of the magical gardens! The gnomish people who live there have suffered long at the hands of the queen of the trolls and her subjects. The princess decides to help her brothers and sisters and return the power of the magic trees. Head out with the gnomes on a journey through an unexplored continent in this exciting fantasy strategy game, Gnomes Garden 2! Over 40 beautiful levels await you, along with a multitude of varied quests, increasing difficulty, an upbeat plot, an extraordinary magical world and exciting gameplay for all ages. Construct buildings and manage resources, repair ancient mechanisms, use powerful magic and restore ancient magical gardens. Easy-to-learn controls and a well-designed tutorial will help you quickly learn the basics of the game. Gnomes Garden 2 – defeat the queen of trolls and bring magic back!

-Help the princess defeat the queen of trolls and bring magic back!
-Over 40 levels and a variety of quests.
-Enthralling gameplay for all ages.
-A simple tutorial, increasing difficulty and a multitude of trophies for experts
-An upbeat plot, colorful characters and an extraordinary magical world


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Weather Lord: Following the Princess SE

Control the elements and defeat your nemesis!
Your old nemesis returns - but only as a forbearer of things even more malicious! Again you have to master the elements, control powerful weather systems and set off on a journey to rescue a princess from captivity, rebuild a ravaged land, and stop a relentless force from destroying the magical Kingdom of Lorraine!


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