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The Big Secret of a Small Town

The small town is a very important town indeed. Here, a unique industrial complex is located. Rumor has it that it does not require energy for production, because that is exactly what it produces! How is this possible? It looks like an unknown villain is ready to answer this question. He kidnaps the head of the city administration during his performance, leaving the sinister scarecrow on the stage instead! What will our search for the Mayor reveal? The secret of the small town is much more than you could possibly imagine!


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Witches Legacy Slumbering Darkness Collectors

Good witch Lynn and her witch hunter husband are lured into a trap set by a mysterious sorcerer. Uncover his evil plans and save your family! You’ll be joined by an impish sidekick who can do what you can’t, when he’s got the right stuff… This is a meaty game with loads of puzzles and hidden-objects scenes to keep you satisfied.

    Collect puzzles throughout the game to learn more about each character
    Find morphing objects and puzzle pieces as you play
    Earn special achievements and enjoy wallpapers, soundtracks, and concept art
    Use the available strategy guide

Thanks to Velocity

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Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness

The main character, together with his fiancée, takes up residence in their new home. While unpacking their belongings, his fiancée stumbles upon a magical mirror that takes her to another world. Without hesitation, the hero goes after his fiancé and enters the magical world of Elyrium where he sees his fiancée being kidnapped by dark ghostly spirits.
Venture into a magical world and experience the struggle of good versus evil. Fight for your love and return to your world!

    Explore a magical world
    Face the evil that lies beyond your world!
    Face dangerous traps and enemies


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Mystery Tales: The Twilight World SE

You and your daughter, Nancy, can't resist the lovely hotel just off the highway, especially after a long day on the open road. But just as the two of you get settled, your peaceful pause is shattered by a witch who abducts Nancy! You must travel to the Twilight World to stop the witch before she takes over your daughter's body. Along the way, you'll meet others who have been doomed by the witch's dark magic. Can you free them all from her spell, or will you become trapped forever in the witch's dark world? Find out in this magical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!


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Nightfall Mysteries Haunted by the Past Collectors

Your grandfather Charles was a kind and passionate man, beloved by all those who knew him. His death came as quite a shock to everyone around him. But you barely have time to mourn before you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected mystery. It turns out Charles did not die of natural causes – in fact, he had feared for his life! But who would want your grandfather dead? Find out before you become the next family casualty in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Discover Viggo's deadly secret in the bonus game
    Find hidden masks and replay puzzles and mini-games
    Get the available Strategy Guide
    Enjoy concept art, wallpapers, and soundtracks

Thanks to Velocity


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Dark Tales EAP The Mystery of Marie Roget Collectors

Another dark tale is told… From best selling game developer ERS Games comes another chilling Edgar Allan Poe mystery! This time, help a newlywed couple unravel the mystery of a strange threat… from the beyond. With Dupin as your guide, use a magic mirror and your own wits to track down all leads.

    Play the bonus game to foil the villain for good
    Collect morphing objects for your aquarium
    Earn Achievements and replay mini-games and HOPs
    Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
    Try the available Strategy Guide


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Home Makeover 3

Home Makeover 3 is bigger and better than ever!Emma just got back home and realizes her garden needs serious makeover! With little "encouragement" from the Mayor, she set her heart to try something she hasn't done before: Garden Makeover!HomeMakeover 3 combines 3 of your most favorite game mechanics: Hidden Object, Time Management and Match 3!


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