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Tibetan Quest: Beyond the Worlds End SE

Your niece Larisa set out on an excavation deep in the mountains of Tibet. However, you receive a letter with information about her disappearance. In the search for Larisa you travel across the world only to discover that things are not as they seem and something unnatural may be lurking in the labyrinth that is the temple of Shangri-La. Solve mysteries and face an enemy who will do anything to stop you on your journey through Tibetan Quest: Beyond Worlds End.


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Invasion: Lost in Time

While exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, Mike discovers a strange sarcophagus containing human remains. Much to his shock, the body very closely resembles him. Mike has called you to come help him investigate this bizarre find.
After digging a little deeper, the two explorers find themselves trapped, but they also discover something resembling a large machine in one of Egyptian tombs. Mike, believing it to be an ancient time machine, believes you can use it to escape. After climbing inside, the real adventures begin.
Enjoy Invasion: Lost in Time and find yourself in Ancient Egypt, visit a caveman, set foot on the mysterious planets Shukaras and Torion. After discovering a sinister invasion plan, will you be able to stop it and return home safely? Only time will tell.

    Beautiful landscapes of Ancient Egypt
    Explore alien planets and earn achievements
    Unconventional hog-scenes with skip options
    Replay mini games you unlock on your adventure


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Maze: Subject 360 Collectors

Warning - Maze: Subject 360 is an intense psychological thriller intended for mature audiences.

From the makers of the Rite of Passage series comes a ground-breaking new series that's as creepy as it gets... You wake up in a strange room, and an eerie child's voice tells you you've been given a test. Can you pass it? Do you even want to? Subject 360 features innovative game-play that allows you to make choices as you progress in the game.

    View the story from a whole new perspective in the bonus game
    Find swirls and morphing objects hidden throughout
    Achievements and a comprehensive Strategy Guide
    Special jigsaw puzzle to complete
    Wallpapers, soundtrack, artwork, making-of video and more!


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Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collectors

A notorious figure called the “Sea Ripper” has been sinking ships off the coast of the British West Indies, and the Royal Navy has called you in to investigate the case. To make matters more interesting, you may have just boarded the Sea Ripper’s very next target! Now you must track down the truth behind this mysterious figure – is he man or myth? Finding out might make your career… or send you to the bottom of the sea. Set a course for mystery in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Play the bonus game to expose the secret of the Sea Ripper!
    Unlock extra content for new challenges, more achievements and collectibles!
    Replay HOPs and mini-games!
    Collect custom artwork, videos, and original music.
    Access the helpful Strategy Guide.


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Beyond: Light Advent Collectors

As a child, you had a wonderful imaginary friend from outer space. Nix taught you about the stars and inspired you become an astronomer. Years later, while investigating a mysterious object in the sky, you discover that your imaginary friend was real all along! He's come to warn Earth of a terrible threat – a merciless race of aliens is fast approaching, and you and Nix are the only ones who can stop them. Can you save both your friend's planet and your own in time? Your journey will take you into the past and beyond the stars in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Travel to Nix's home planet in the bonus game
    Test your skills with Ultimate HOP
    Use the available strategy guide
    Get wallpapers and soundtracks


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Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeths Secret SE

Vendel Games is back once again to prove that nothing quenches the fiery Spirit of Revenge! This time, you’ll have to follow a maze of palace intrigue to root out the truth. Play as a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth the First’s court, with none other than the mischievous Francis Drake as your sidekick! But this game’s not just for history buffs. Bring your sense of humor and quest for adventure on this fun trip into the Elizabethan past!


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Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case Collectors

A traveling carnival becomes the scene of a strange murder, and you've been called in to handle the case. There are no witnesses, and everyone at the carnival denies knowing the victim. But are their reactions all for show? The evidence points to a deeper mystery, complete with lies, imposters, and betrayal within the close-knit carnival community. Can you flush out the truth, or will you become just another attraction in this deadly show?This Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game features unique crime-scene interactions and realistic deduction techniques to help you solve the case!

    Solve a shocking new murder case in the bonus game!
    Collect hidden items, souvenirs, and achievements
    Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games
    View extra art, including wallpapers and videos
    Try the available Strategy Guide


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