Nancy finally gets a chance to visit Ireland as maid of honor to her friend Kyler,

and while driving and talking on her cell phone crashes her car
when an apparition crosses the road in front of her.

A lesson not to drive while talking on your cell phone?

When she finally gets into Castle Malloy, the mystery really begins.

The groom is missing,
Was he snatched by the banshee rumored to haunt the castle, or just nervous?

The dour caretaker Donal doesn’t like him anyway, and a third man,
the groom’s best friend but not best man, is hanging about with a black eye.

On top of that, Kyler thinks that it’s just a prank that Matt is pulling
and that he is somewhere around because she can hear his voice.

Catch more than the bouquet in Nancy Drew: Haunting of Castle Malloy!