Living Legends - Wrath of the Beast BETA

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Risen Dragons

Enter a land of magic in a time of myth! Cruel beings from another dimension have devastated a floating island, scattering its fragments to the four winds and leaving its peaceful populace helpless in the face of war. To defeat the enemy, you must protect a powerful sorceress as she closes the portals that gave your adversary passage. During battle, you'll defeat wave after wave of enemies using three magical dragons, build and upgrade a formidable array of towers to give you a strategic edge, and utilize special attacks to get you out of tight spots. Between skirmishes, you'll use the dragons to reassemble the island, play mini-games to acquire the resources you need, and uncover more enemy portals. Can you conquer the evil scourge and repair the once prosperous land? The dragons are at your disposal, and the future is in your hands!


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League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collectors

The League of Light needs your help solving another exciting case! Children have been going missing in the town of Blake’s Mountain in the days leading up to the fabled Red Moon. No one really knows what will happen on that night, but everyone agrees it can’t be good… Strange creatures creep through the shadows, and the citizens fear for their safety. Can you uncover the secrets of Blake’s Mountain and rescue the missing children in this spooky Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game? We believe in you, detective!

    Save the Healer’s daughter in the bonus game!
    Find hidden owls to solve the riddles of Blake’s Mountain
    Fill your achievements room, and unlock extra content!
    A comprehensive Strategy Guide


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Mystery Castle: The Mirrors Secret

Groth, the Soul Reaver, has kidnapped your daughter Jessica! Explore the dangerous world of the ancient castle and help release the captive souls whom you meet along the way. Can you solve the ingenious traps of the mysterious castle? Defeat Grot's magic and save Jessica!

    Detailed and vibrant graphics
    Solve unusual puzzles
    Variety of unique scenes
    Multiple difficulties to choose from!


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Whispered Secrets: Into the Wind Collectors

You've been called to the riverside town of Ridleton to investigate a series of missing persons. Strange storms have been sweeping through the town, and with each appearance... comes a disappearance. Who's behind the unnatural weather, and how are they choosing their victims? To find out, you'll need the help of a tough-as-nails Huntress and a well-trained red panda. But you'll all have to work fast... There's a storm brewing in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    Find the source of Vaal's power in the bonus game!
    Collect flames in every scene to unlock extra content!
    Free the spirit of the wolves in a secret bonus game!
    Concept art, music, movies, and more!
    An available Strategy Guide


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Final Cut - The True Escapade BETA

new hog beta


Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collectors

The evening started like any other in your village. But without warning, a group of mysterious figures arrives and reduces the town to flames and rubble. What are they… and who is controlling them? Your only way to find out is to flee the village and seek help from the Queen. But you’ll have to lie low to avoid becoming another minion of the flame banshees. Use special abilities and power-ups to make your way through a mystical world in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

    Save Northpearl from a deadly new threat in the bonus game!
    Unlock challenging time-based HOPs
    Collectibles, achievements, advanced mini-games, and more!
    An available Strategy Guide


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