Three months ago, the Asphodel, a merchant ship, set sail on its maiden voyage. Since then, it has vanished without a trace. According to rumors, the cursed ghost ships and haunted waters are to blame. Together with some new allies, Morgan Johnson, Jack Brown, Eleanor May, and the others board the Black Hawk, the sister ship of the Asphodel, and start looking for clues. But there are numerous risks along the way. They could lose their lives if they don’t quickly discover the truth.
– Assist Jack, Eleanor, and Morgan as they look into the disappearance of a merchant ship.
– On a journey where choosing the wrong person to trust could result in death, make new friends—and enemies.
– Solve a thrilling game
– You must solve three puzzles to amass the materials required to unlock each new upgrade.
– Utilise 20 Upgrade options to help Morgan’s investigation over the course of 5 chapters.
– Before it’s too late, look for the answers to learn the truth about the missing ship!

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