Years ago, a visitor from another world predicted the end of one of Earth’s civilizations. To save its people, he raised a child among them, thinking that his knowledge and awareness would be sufficient to save them from their fate. With the passage of time, everyone realises that the youngster named Tristan is unique. He matures into a powerful young man who saves his people from a devastating flood. Soon, he will be on his way to being their leader, and he envisions big things for them in the future. But, as Tristan leads the newly formed kingdom of Atlantis, will he lead them to the bright future he envisions?
– Explore the origins of the legendary kingdom of Atlantis
– Learn the secrets of Atlantis… and the dangers of ambition
– Unlock twenty upgrades to build Atlantis up
– An exciting new story splits into five chapters
– Challenge yourself with numerous match-3 puzzles