What gives the Master Detective the courage to constantly defy the odds against some of the darkest forces the agency has ever seen? What pushed Charles Dalimar into madness and past the point of no return? Discover answers to both questions when a strange phenomenon drops the Master Detective into Dalimar’s body sometime in the past. As the Master Detective, it’s up to you to use this unexpected turn of events to alter the past and prevent some of the darkest, most difficult, career-defining cases from ever coming to pass… But at what cost? Prepare yourself, Detective. With unforgettable characters, deadly traps, and mind-bending puzzles, this could be your most challenging case yet!
Continue your quest as Angelica, the only one who can defeat Dalimar’s evil science and outsmart his robots! Extra hidden objects to find, including medallions, morphing objects, and puzzle pieces!
Downloadable soundtrack and wallpapers!
Collect all the hidden Medallions, earn more Achievements, and play a bonus puzzle when you find all the Jigsaw pieces!
Re-watch Movies, replay HOPs and Mini-games, and download unique Concept Art, Music, and Wallpapers!
You won’t lose your way in Dalimar’s lair with the helpful Strategy Guide!

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