When a mysterious glowing bottle emerged on the water surface, Hercules and Megara were sailing calmly on the ship, enjoying the sun and breeze. It included a message: a desperate plea for assistance. Who could have sent it? And what happened to this individual? Our valiant couple instantly seeks answers! They soon discovered a sick, elderly man resting on the seashore. Hercules didn’t even identify him as Poseidon! Someone took the holy strength of the Sea Master..But who is clever enough to pull this off? And what more can he or she do? Hercules must sort things out, discover the enemy, and save the Olympian gods and the entire planet.. yet again! Participate in his intriguing oceanic investigation! Yo-ho-ho!
– Accompany Hercules with a new Game Speed setting!
– Explore sublevels, bonus levels, super bonus levels and extra super-bonus levels!
– Join marine investigation with stunning full HD graphics!
– Interactive guide
– Wallpapers
– Additional bonus levels
– Hercules saving gods

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