You’ve opened the door to new worlds, and now, a multiverse of possibilities lies ahead! Your friend, Dr. Charles Michaelson, recently received an invitation to the world of Innovatrix to exchange knowledge and meet the most advanced AI in the universe – Omnira. Charles has invited you to join him and witness its superior intellect for yourself. But the more you get to know Conrad, Omnira’s creator, the more you suspect that a catastrophe of galactic proportions is imminent… Unless you can find a way to stop it. Thankfully, you don’t have to carry all that heroic weight alone because you’re joined by Conrad’s daughter, Leah, who has her own mysterious reasons for helping, and Fabian, a scholar from the world of Chronologists, who brings vast knowledge and helpful advice.
Get to know Miranda, the brilliant Chronologist, in the bonus chapter!
Collect colorful trinkets from all over the worlds!
Plenty of extra puzzles and mini-games!
Enjoy a truly otherworldly soundtrack!!

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