Domini Games proudly brings you a tale of dangerous prophecies and savage betrayal based on the Indian myths of the animal world in Labyrinths of the World: The Wild Side!
Your vacation to India started as planned until an unexpected thief lured you into the hidden world of the animal kingdom. Now you’ve been recruited to help Nanda, the benevolent elephant queen, and her allies protect Princess Manu, the only human in the animal world, from the wrath of Jagan, the Tiger King, and his fearsome cohorts. Can you save Princess Manu and bring peace to the animal kingdom? You’ll need the curiosity of a cat and the cunning of a fox to find out in this ferocious
Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!
Defeat the last remaining tyrant in the Bonus Game to restore peace to the Animal World!
Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games!
Collect animal figurines and plates, and complete your boudoir with your butterfly collection!
Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, videos, and concept art!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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