Experience a dark adventure in The Forgotten Land with sophisticated Match 3 challenges – a unique puzzle genre mix. Lead 4 different characters through the twisted forests of a realm ruled by decay and darkness for countless years
Discover weird secrets and find forgotten runes and magical stones. Prove your skills and strategy in a puzzle genre mix you’ve never seen before. Are you ready to face the risk of getting trapped in darkness forever?
Battle Match 3: Vanquish ruthless enemies in sophisticated turn-based battles!
– Puzzle Match 3: Cleverly place fire beacons, eliminate threats and chase away your enemies!
– Improve your skills: Upgrade your team’s special skills and increase your chances of winning!
– Fill your inventory: Fill your inventory with effective weapons and tools!
– Skill & strategy: Show your skills and think like a strategic mastermind! Carefully upgrade your team and use its special skills to vanquish mighty foes.
– Restore the ancient warehouse: Rebuild the ruined warehouse of a long-forgotten civilization to gain precious bonuses!
– Mysterious secrets and dangers: Fight, discover and solve! Solve the mystery of the dark spell that enshrouds the realm!
– Extended boards: Stay on top of your game even with boards extending over several screens!