Casual Story Rich Puzzle Platformer Puzzle

Socket is an indie platform puzzler in the tradition of Unravel, Limbo, and Little Nightmares.
If those games are novels, consider Socket a short story that packs an emotional punch.
After the death of their only human friend, two tiny androids,
Socket and Birdie, must traverse the harsh landscape of Current City, sharing a single failing battery.
They must recharge where and when they can, taking on increasingly difficult puzzles along the way.
You play as both Socket and Birdie, switching between the two to complete tasks, and combining to conserve battery when you can.
Each puzzle is a race against time, as your battery goes from green to yellow to desperate red.
Condensed from an award-winning animated screenplay by bestselling author, Scott J. Holliday,
Socket is a story of love, sacrifice, and what it means to have a friend. As Socket says,
“Hearts break, but batteries die.”