Sometimes it feels as if the days of elven greatness have already passed. Celene hasn’t had much experience as a scout in her months of duty, and her missions have been so simple and calm that even a child could complete them. From the start, venturing into the abandoned woods sounded more interesting. But the deeper you travel, the more surprises the forest has in store for you, and you might soon find yourself facing something far more frightening than a couple of fearful creatures. Something is stirring beyond the curtain, and there are signs and tracks that these regions haven’t seen in generations. What will Celene do as the joy of a potential adventure turns into a genuine concern for her people’s safety?
– Experience an exciting story set in a vibrant fantasy world
– Choose between multiple game modes: from a relaxed story-driven experience to an intense race against time
– Find collectibles and earn achievements
– Meet memorable characters and defeat the evil together with them!