Artifex Mundi proudly presents a magical sequel to their original mythic Persian adventure with Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil Collector’s Edition!
As the Twin Moons near their full phase, the Academy prohibits the use of magic for safety reasons. But things go awry – a powerful magic conduit shatters causing your sister and two other students to vanish. Disregarding the no-magic order, you quickly learn that there’s far more to these events. Follow the clues, team up with magical creatures called the Moonlings and venture into the realm of dreams to find your missing sibling!

Visit over 50 locations set in mythical Persia
Befriend adorable magical helpers
Test your wizard skills with puzzles and HO scenes
The Collector’s Edition includes additional HO scenes, minigames, locations, collectables, wallpapers, concept art and music tracks.

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