A young girl scout wanted to get to her camp on another island, but her flimsy little ship wrecked near some uninhabited islands. After barely making it to the shore, now she has to find her way back home. But her task turned out to be even more difficult than it seemed! Our young scout wound up in a very faraway place! However, with the help of you and island guardians – Monkey, Fennec Fox, Bear and Parrot – she can face the treacherous islands and try to find the way to her camp. 200 colorful nonograms for any difficulty, enchanting storyline and magical music, a wonderful combination to help you pass the time! Improve your puzzle skills by solving nonograms. Complete levels, solve puzzles, and help a young girl get back to scout camp!
– 200 colorful levels you won’t soon forget!
– Stunning visual effects!
– Collect items!
– Enchanting storyline!
– Wonderful art painted with the best summer colors!
– Perfect logical and abstract thinking exercises!
– Easy to play, hard to put down!