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Allura: The Three Realms

When Allura and Glenn defeated the ambitious King Asher and brought peace between the humans and merfolk, they thought nothing would ever stand in the way of their love again. Yet on the day of their wedding, the ceremony is interrupted by King
Alanus of the sea, who declares that such a marriage is forbidden. Not willing to give up so easily, Alluraand Glenn set out to meet with King Alanus to learn why he is so opposed to their wedding. Soon they learn of a great conflict between the realms of the sea, earth, and sky – a conflict that has thrown the land out of balance and is growing worse all the time. Now Allura and Glenn must set out on a new journey, one to bring peace between the kingdoms and restore the balance of the realms. Yet is such an incredible task even possible?
– A new story about Allura and Glenn as they set out to prove that peace between the realms is possible.
– Twenty upgrades allow you to follow their journey every step of the way, from the depths of the sea kingdom to the kingdom high in the sky.
– Complete challenging match-3 puzzles to help Allura and Glenn overcome the obstacles in their path and restore balance to the land.
– Travel through three different kingdoms and learn the story of a conflict that has raged on for centuries – and strive to bring peace between the enemy kingdoms.


Dark Tales 18 Edgar Allan Poes The Devil in the Belfry CE

Amax Interactive is proud to bring you the newest chilling mystery in the Dark Tales series!
When a series of strange deaths occur in the town of Morden, an old friend jumps on the case. But it’s not long before he goes missing himself! You and Dupin quickly arrive to find a town in panic. Each night, someone dies after the 13th chime of the bell tower. And to top things off, no one can be seen ringing the bell itself! Is a sinister specter to blame, or are illusions wreaking havoc on reality? Find out in this stirring Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!
• Help Louise Wheeler’s clever children free their mother from jail, and save their Illusion Theater from criminal Benjamin Barlow. Join their quest for their father’s will and an ancient hidden treasure!
• Find magic cards and puzzle pieces throughout the game – and access an extra puzzle and stories.
• Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games – and add to your achievement awards!
• Save your favorite Tale in the Belfry twists with screensavers, wallpapers, concept art, and music.
• Keep your adventure on track with the strategy guide!

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