Elephant Games proudly presents the latest chilling investigation of the Mystery Trackers series!
Your latest investigation is taking your back to your hometown of Watch Hill. It’s been fifteen years since a mysterious accident destroyed your town, taking your family along with it. When reports surface of a strange epidemic sending the town into quarantine, you’re off to investigate! This is no walk down memory lane, as you quickly find dark forces working against you. And things take an even stranger turn when you see your younger brother and he hasn’t aged a day! Can you stop history from repeating itself before it’s too late? Find out in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!
See how the other half lives and crack a case from a different perspective in the bonus game!
Earn a variety of unique achievements!
Tons of morphing objects, puzzle pieces, and collectible lighthouses to find!
Enjoy replayable HOPs and mini-games, exclusive wallpapers, soundtrack, concept art, and more!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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