A group of legendary heroes is defending the kingdom from a horde of monsters. Victory seemed within reach, but things took a turn for the worse under the influx of betrayal and its dark flames. This is the adventure of the Avenger and her quest for justice in a world inhabited by perilous foes, logic traps, images of deception, and many other challenges. Battles will be intense, and the Avenger will have to master arts and secret spells if she’s to claim victory. Your new dragonic heart means hope. Your crafty mind will have to devise keen schemes to beat all these ruthless enemies and the series of tricky boards, comprising new DragonScales challenges such as reaching a warp cell, breaking enemy’s shields with special items, puzzles based on gravity of the boards, and many more. A journey of mental growth and dexterity. A new adventure awaits!
– 105 new levels.
– New arts and secret spells.
– Turn-based battles.
– Rebuild the Avenger’s village.
– Level-up and catch stars to improve the Avenger’s statuses.
– Novel and varied gameplay challenges