Morgan Johnson just wants a few days of vacation to unwind and spend some time alone after protecting London from a dangerous menace. With this in mind, Harry and his accomplice Jack Brown set off for a secluded town where no one would recognise them—the ideal escape, at least on the surface. When Jack goes missing on the outside of the hamlet and Morgan starts looking for him, he quickly discovers that there’s a lot more to this community than meets the eye. Crop failures, witch rumours, and claims that a frightening tale is going to be realised stand in Morgan’s way, and all he can do now is look for answers. Is this little community genuinely cursed by a witch? Is there anything even more evil going on here?
– Morgan and Jack return in another exciting mystery
– Test your skills with challenging match-3 puzzles
– Investigate a mysterious village across the five chapters
– 20 upgrades and a single story connecting them all
– Search for the truth that gives Morgan a new case to solve