Step into the Master Detective’s shoes once again in this incredible follow-up to Mystery Case Files: The Harbinger. Revisit key moments from old cases in an attempt to set things right. Come face to face with classic villains, reconnect with familiar allies, and learn what might have been as you help the Master Detective repair a broken timeline and save existence as we know it! Who knows what the future holds when all is said and done? There’s only one way to find out! Join the fight in this time-bending new chapter in the classic Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure series!
Take on a classic villain when fate provides you with an unexpected ally in the bonus game!
Replay your favorite HOPS and mini-games and earn a variety of unique achievements!
Find collectible jigsaw pieces and hidden/morphing pieces of evidence!
Enjoy exclusive jigsaw puzzle, screen savers, wallpapers, soundtrack, concept art, and more!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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