Madame Vinterfragen has just discovered a deadly threat in her own mansion! Is this a reenactment of the ancient curse lingering on the Vinterfragen’s lineage? Or is it a cold-blooded killing plotted by one of Madame’s guests? You are the ace detective trusted by Madame Vinterfragen, and you are the only one with the guts and intelligence to solve this mystery. Multiple and twisted Match 3 sessions await you in Mansion Vinterfragen! Yet more, you’ll have to showcase your investigative sagacity to overcome hidden object scenes and many challenges created by the crazy Professor Arkadiusz! Meet the eccentric characters in Mansion Vinterfragen, uncover their secrets and motives, and reveal the identity of the criminal!
100 Match 3 levels with fun twists.
Unique Hidden Object scenes.
– Arkadiusz Kombi minigame included.
– Arkadiusz Boxtrap minigame also included.
– Quiz challenges for lovers of trivia.
– Mystery story with eccentric characters.