The human army has taken over Nocturnarya, and the vampire race is on the verge of extinction. Take over the leadership position and guide a tiny vampire tribe to redemption. Confront slavers, bandits, and the invaders as you travel the perilous route. Work reluctantly with the mysterious Diabolical Nurse, coming across both allies and enemies. Create a prosperous hamlet, gather blood cartridges, and locate the legendary sword and golden mace. Nocturnarya has become a lawless, human-infested wasteland. Restore order to Nocturnarya and ascend to the throne!
– 90 relaxing Match 3 levels.
– Create a community from nothing.
– Pick a companion to go on this journey together.
– Buy your companion apparel.
– To unlock buildings, collect blood cartridges.
– Find the golden mace and the fabled sword.
– Minigames with hidden objects.
– Minigames like Bloody Light and puzzles.
– Match 3 combat.
Collector’s Edition Features:
– 60 bonus Match 3 levels.
– Exclusive buildings for the village.
– Wallpapers.
– Extra stories.
– Nocturne Gallery minigame.

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