A wealthy philanthropist is building an impressive animal sanctuary, but he needs your help and expertise! After arriving at the site, and with the help of your gift of communicating with animals, you find that many of the sanctuary’s inhabitants are unhappy with their accommodations. Also, a mischievous red panda has gotten loose in the middle of the staff’s preparations! Can you use your problem-solving skills and unique gift to find the panda and help the crew prepare the sanctuary for opening? Find out in this light and fun Hidden-Object Puzzle game!
Visit opening day at Laney Bee’s Animal Sanctuary. Figure out why an eco-activist has targeted it.
Earn in-game currency each time you play to download unique Soundtracks, Wallpapers, and more!
Replay Hidden-Object Puzzles and mini-games, and unlock the Secret Puzzle!
Earn Achievements and find Collectibles throughout the sanctuary!
Consult the helpful Strategy Guide to learn the newest information from the sanctuary!

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