Prepare your sword and take up your Longbow- it’s time for a powerful wizard and his powerful dragon to be defeated! Join Griffri, the wizard, to seek the reign of evil that is threatening the world and not just to rebuild his village. Play mini-games with cool 3D scenes of hidden objects and puzzles. Beat the obstacles and win a lot of awards on this addictive match 3-game trip. Return peace to this fabulous country. Are you prepared for a journey to adventure?
– Recreate a mythical mediaeval village in 3D.
– Play 3D HO scenes and bonus jigsaw puzzles in this game.
– Enjoy several boards and use the all new cannons to blast through obstacles.
– Characters with complete voice-overs are fantastic.
– Demonstrate your abilities by winning more than 50 Trophies.
– Match the difficulty and mode to your mood.