The year is 1912 and your character, Benjamin Parker,
has accepted a job mapping the coastline near the harbor town of Trewarthan.
Initially he feels the work is beneath him, until he notices that for some
reason the lighthouse on Fetch Rock has not appeared on any previous maps.

For reasons he won’t explain, Parker’s employer, Robert Demarion refuses to discuss the lighthouse.
The mystery deepens as the lighthouse mysteriously stays dark the following night,
despite the thick fog that has descended.
Where are the lighthouse keepers and why haven’t they tended the light?
Demarion summons Parker and sends him to investigate.
In the course of unraveling the mystery, Parker finds himself exploring the lighthouse
and surrounding area in four different time periods.
He is haunted both by whispers that beckon him forward
and by ghostlike apparitions that warn him to get out while he still can.