Maggie Welles has come a long way since her first film. With Al Lyons behind her, Maggie feels optimistic until she realizes her new movie deal comes with a lot of unexpected responsibility. Forced to accept the help of a Hollywood has-been, Maggie must navigate a tumultuous sea of frail egos – including her own. In this story about the complicated bond between fathers and daughters, Maggie takes us on a personal journey to define what it truly means to be a success. In the end, will Maggie prove she has what it takes to survive her second shot at fame?
– Six chapters set in exotic locations.
– Each chapter contains 3 challenge levels providing endless gameplay for each environment.
– Over 10 hours of gameplay.
– Zippy and fun movie-making mini-games are integrated into every environment.
– Flow meter provides limitless replay-ability as there’s always a new trick to increase score bonuses.

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