The autumn breeze brings you to the sunless city of Darkwood, where you intend to find inspiration and finish your new horror book in peace. Swarms of tourists have come to Darkwood, fascinated by talk of the miraculous properties of local crops, though stories of mysterious disappearances are not to be ignored. Nevertheless, the gray sky and the red rye fields are intriguing and have even become a muse for the not-so-hospitable locals. But beware, the harvest festival is approaching, and once it arrives, you may never see the light again! Gather your courage for a mystery unlike any other in this mind-bending hidden-object tale of horror!
Unlock the bonus chapter for an even deeper dive into the darkness!
Immerse yourself in the Darkwood realm with the exclusive music player and downloadable wallpapers!
Go behind the scenes with a fascinating collection of concept art!
Replay your favorite puzzles and mini-games at any time to perfect your strategy!

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