Something terrifying is stalking the valleys. This frightening apparition worries residents as reports of incidents spread through the community. Witnesses describe the beast as moving so fast that getting a good look is nearly impossible. There is still hope, and it’s in the hands of the Academy of Magic’s most capable student. Joined by an eager new ally, the two set out to follow the beast’s trail and help the affected inhabitants of the Lost Lands. However, friends are forced to look at the situation differently and make new plans after their first encounter with the enemy. The adventure unites them, and the “First Brotherhood” is born in the wake of a crucible of trials. Sharpen your sword and charge your wand for an epic adventure into the unknown!
Complete the game to unlock an extensive story-driven bonus chapter!
Tons of exclusive collectibles and morphing objects to find throughout!
Take a stab at challenging a bonus mini-game and puzzles!
Replay your favorite mini-games and video clips!

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