You’ve been summoned to the bustling docks of 1917 Liverpool to lead an investigation into the death of a beloved brother and cruise ship engineer. This case calls for a different kind of investigation, as you’ll board the massive liner Eris to collect evidence and uncover the truth about each of the suspects on the ship. It soon becomes clear that the living may not be the only passengers on this cruise! But why are these ghostly apparitions here? What do they want? It’s a mind-bending race for the truth in this mysterious Hidden Object case on darkened waters!
Navigate the mystery with the helpful strategy guide!
Learn more about an Eris suspect in the bonus game!
Replay HOPs and mini-games to earn achievements!
Collect morphing and hidden objects in every scene to unlock even more content!
Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, concept art, and even an extra hidden chapter!

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