An unexpected descent into a strange world of malevolent witches, heroic hunters, and powerful magic causes sweet, grown-up Gretel to question everything she knows about reality! Danger lurks around every corner as she helps its inhabitants deal with constant attacks from witches bent on sowing destruction and chaos. But hope is not lost! When Gretel discovers a familiar face, it seems they may finally have a chance to save the realm and rid it of evil magic forever! Still, something doesn’t seem quite right in this mystic land. Why is it so familiar? Who brought her here and why? Dive in and learn the truth in this epic Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!
Brimming with exclusive content, including wallpapers, concept art, and more!
Collect all the hidden cards, gather all the Morphing Objects, and play a secret challenge game!
You won’t need breadcrumbs to find your way with the helpful Strategy Guide!
Continue the story with a breathtaking bonus chapter!

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