Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol. 16 No. 2 elevates the Clutter experience to new heights with an astounding array of over 1,400 puzzles. This edition mixes innovative Clutter variations with beloved classics to create a memorable quest that is both fun and challenging. Special highlights include the significantly enhanced Spot The Differences Puzzles and the fresh Clutter Gaps Puzzles, each designed to captivate and challenge puzzle enthusiasts.
Further enriching the gameplay are the newly introduced Abstract Squares and Circle Puzzles, along with traditional favorites such as Sliders, Square Jigsaws, and Box Quotes. The inclusion of more than 100 levels in the Main Quest, along with the laid-back No-Motion Old-School Quest, ensures that there is something for every player. With randomly generated levels, the game promises endless replayability, allowing you to revisit your favorite puzzles and continually test your skills against new configurations. Dive into Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol. 16 No. 2 and experience puzzle-solving like never before.

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