You are an explorer of myths, a destroyer of prejudice, and a guardian of order! No ghost, no monster can hide from you! There is trouble in the city of Blue Roche, though: strange footprints, eyewitness accounts of monsters, etc. You need to get to the bottom of this! Amidst the cold, snow, and ice, something is lurking… Is it dangerous? Is it hungry? Or is it surprisingly friendly? You should be careful because you never know how the next adventure will turn out. People are always afraid of something, but sometimes, their fear doesn’t justify the means. It’s up to you to figure out everything that happens in a small Canadian city. And be vigilant… The hills have eyes!
Complete the game to unlock an exclusive bonus chapter!
Find and collect tons of extra items to display or use to purchase in-game items!
Replay your favorite mini-games any time you want!
Check out a collection of downloadable wallpapers, a music player, concept art, and more!

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