Immortal Love 2: The Price of a Miracle Collectors

A childhood friend has offered to sell your father a very rare artifact. He’s agreed to meet with you and your father at the local tavern, but something feels amiss. This artifact is hiding a dark secret, and a mysterious brotherhood will do anything to get it! Can you use the artifact to save your friends, or will you fall prey to its powerful magic? Find out in this
exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!
    Play as Conrad in the bonus chapter!
    Find collectible flowers in every scene!
    Never get lost with the strategy guide!
    Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs.
    Enjoy screen savers, concept art, music, and more!


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The Unseen Fears Body Thief BETA

new hog beta game




Penguin Rescue

Yeti Teddy lives peacefully in the furthest reaches of the South Pole. He lives modestly in his cave and enjoys the tranquility far away from people. Teddy and his girlfriend Teyla have been invited to the summer holiday of the penguins, complete with Aurora, festivities and dancing. Unfortunately this gathering has been disturbed by the sudden melting of the ice. Is it possible that global warming is to blame? Join our heroes in this Match 3 adventure, and return the South Pole to its previous icy glory in Penguin Rescue.


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Santas Toy Factory Nonograms

The winter holidays are the most magical time of the year, with surprises in store for children and grown-ups alike. Now you can visit Santa’s workshop, meet his elves and ride reindeer alongside them to deliver gifts in Santa's Toy Factory: Nonograms. Develop your intellectual potential and embrace spirit of the holidays as you complete original Japanese crossword puzzles. Featuring 120 unique spellbinding nonograms, six captivating locations, and 15 colorful trophies to collect, you have everything you need for a holiday celebration.


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The Curio Society: The Thief of Life Collectors

An old ally has betrayed the Curio Society, so you've been called in to help! It's up to you to stop a mad scientist from destroying the organization, but it won’t be as simple as it seems. It's a battle of wits as you try to save both of your friends and the world! Can you stop the culprit before it's too late? Find out in this electrifying hidden-object puzzle
    Investigate a new mystery in the bonus chapter!
    Consult the helpful strategy guide.
    Scour locations for fantastic collectible inventions!
    Refine your skills with replayable HOPs and mini-games.
    Enjoy concept art, wallpapers, and more!


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Running With Santa

Collect as many gifts as possible from the snowy paths of Santa’s North Pole village as quickly as possible! Make sure that all good kids receive their presents just in time for the Holiday.Join the gift hunt and have the Christmas adventure of your life!Icy bridges to cross, sharp icicles to avoid, wide gaps to jump over - those are only a few of the obstacles that you will have to face while running with Santa.
-  Find various powerups throughout the village
-  Try to meet all the fun goals
-  Various characters
-  Endless runner with 3D graphics


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Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Windows 7 or above, 64 bit

Maize is a first-person adventure game about what happens when two scientists misinterpret a memo from the U.S. Government
and create sentient corn. And that last sentence is pretty much the least ridiculous thing about the game.

Explore an abandoned farm and a not-so-abandoned underground research facility as you uncover the mysteries around Maize,
and possibly learn a bit about yourself along the way. Or maybe not.

With a colourful cast of characters and an absolutely absurd world,
Maize offers up a unique experience that keeps the surprises coming.
Seriously, they’re everywhere.

    Immerse yourself and explore Maize’s fully-realized environment,featuring a cornucopia of areas to explore
    Solve environmental puzzles that get more and more absurd the further you delve into the adventure
    Uncover the secrets of Maize’s world, as you try and figure out what it is the corn really want, aside from a very good nap
    Meet some friends and enemies along the way, which include a very small grumpy Russian robot bear
 and an unhinged corn stalk who’s a bit of a jerk

GOG version
1. run setup.exe
2. play from shortcut

part1   part2   part3