Attention, Master Detective! Just when you thought it was safe to take some time off, a mysterious new challenge has arisen, and you’re the only one with the skills and background to face it! A relative of the royal family is renovating a lavish high-rise hotel from more than a century ago, but the work stopped when the workers uncovered a hidden wing of the building and began to see and hear disturbing things. Can you unlock the secret past of Pendle Tower and uncover the eerie experiments that took place deep in its dark bowels? You’ll need your object-hunting skills, your puzzle-solving smarts, and of course, your trademark bravery to crack the case in this mind-boggling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!
Become a ghostly manifestation of yourself to participate in Dr. Corman’s psychic experiments in the Bonus Chapter!
Complete your collections of Stained Glass, solve the Jigsaw Puzzle, and earn all the Achievements!
An official strategy guide to help you navigate the dark halls of Pendle Tower!
Downloadable wallpapers and music tracks bring the tower home!

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